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Laura is one of the easiest people to talk and open up to. My life coaching sessions with her provided me with mental tools and new perspectives on how to “act on” achieving my personal and professional goals. She gave me clarity about areas of my life and my business vision.

Laura is brilliant at asking the right questions that enable anyone to find the answers needed. She is extremely professional and very collaborative, and listens with her whole being, making you feel like you are her only concern.

I am thankful that she gave me this gift and I hope to continue to learn from her. I would highly recommend Laura to any person looking for outstanding results.

Diogo, Australia


Laura has a gift for coaching, she is a natural.  Her ability to see clearly and get to the crux of issues, and to remain focused while gently facilitating insights and epiphanies is quite extraordinary.  Laura not only coached me on my life challenges, but also on my work with the NGO that I founded seven years ago.  She managed to shine a light of clarity on how I could best present my personal journey, which allowed me to deliver amazing presentations.

Working with Laura is like having a best friend holding your hand and helping you to be your very best version in the most loving way.

Tracey, Africa


The life coaching sessions with Laura were very helpful and gave me the result I wanted in my life in just 6 sessions! I had a specific goal in mind for many years but was never quite sure how to get the result I wanted.

When everyday life gets in between it is easy to forget to take the necessary actions to get what you want. That’s when a life coach can be very helpful and Laura really helped me to work through and take the necessary measures to finally get the result I always wanted.

She is very professional and will guide you to make changes by making you think about what you really want in life and go after it! I hope you will benefit from her life coaching sessions as much as I did.

Sara, UK


I signed up for life coaching with Laura at a point when I was very upset, not just with how things were at work, but with my life decisions. I felt apathetic, directionless, demotivated and overwhelmed. I also felt very lonely and unable to see how to start looking for love.

Laura listened patiently, without letting me fall in to my victim story, always helping me through with intelligent and insightful questions and comments to find where my self-sabotaging came from. She helped me see my potential, my strengths and what I can achieve.

The homework she gave me was manageable and mind-opening as to how I work with myself and handle time and emotions. At times, I felt out and down, and her resourcefulness always found a light that kept going till a path appeared. I have been working on all we spoke and the techniques she showed me and I am now working after redoing my CV and finding who I am professionally.   I feel confident and motivated, and have also started noticing people are back to feeling calm and happy around me, as well as having men start to openly show me how attractive I am.

I am back on track and it’s highly due to my priceless coaching sessions. I cannot do anything but recommend her, and say thank you! She is truly a personable, understanding, firm and resourceful coach. I don’t hope her sessions with you will make a difference. I know they will.

Marta, UK

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