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Coaching for Changemakers

Laura Hartley Life CoachBeing passionate about social causes and environmental sustainability, I love working with changemakers, activists and non-profits.

The process of outer transformation through inner change has long fascinated me, and the coaching process I use helps changemakers to gain clarity in their purpose and values, ground their vision in their daily actions, and create space to not just campaign for change, but embody it.

Together we look at several areas including:

  • Visioning – developing, clarifying and enhancing individuals and organisation’s sense of purpose and intention
  • Stress resilience & burnout prevention
  • Countering compassion fatigue
  • Values based living, and how this impacts the work of changemakers
  • Shifting focus from problem-based mindsets to values-based solutions
  • Aligning personal visions with organisational goals
  • Work/life balance
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Self-care, while still enhancing our compassion and connection to others

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