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Courageous conversations aren’t easy

Sometimes it is as simple (or challenging) as saying no, at other times it’s learning to articulate those deep callings and desires within us, like telling our boss that we deserve a raise, our partner that it’s time to break up or our best friend that we’re angry with them – these are the conversations which shape our lives  

Courageous Conversations is a 14 day online masterclass empowering like-minded women to:

Say No with Confidence and Grace

Honour Your Deepest Callings

Act Big When You Feel Like Staying Small

Voice Your Real Feelings

Embrace the big, brave, life-changing conversations you know you need to have


The Masterclass

Six live & interactive videos, giving you the tools to articulate your real feelings and ask for what you want 

Exercises and action items for handling those scary & sometimes messy conversations

Meditations and visualisations empowering vulnerability, authenticity and courage

Live Q&A coaching calls, for support with your real life, whatever comes up

Regular check-ins offering emotional support & advice

Join a community of empowered, like-minded women embracing tough conversations

Lifetime access to the Courageous Conversations Community Group


How It Works

Shortly after sign up you’ll receive an email with a link to the private Courageous Conversations group, where you can introduce yourself, share the courageous conversations you want to have and connect with like-minded women on this journey

All videos are recorded so if you cannot join live, you can follow at your own pace

The live journey commences September 22

Join the Courageous Conversations Masterclass now

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