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About Laura Hartley

Laura Dee Why V2My passion for personal development and spirituality stretches back a long way.  I was fortunate to be raised by a woman who founded one of the first life coach training schools in Australia when the profession was still in its toddler years, and some of my earliest memories are of sitting in the car and listening to Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch or Deepak Chopra (though I desperately wanted anything top 40).

As I entered my adolescence, my exposure to this way of life became its most important. I struggled with severe depression and mental health issues, found myself hospitalised on multiple occasions, more than once in the back of a paddy wagon and frequently burying myself in food and alcohol.

By 19, I had had enough.  I began to seek a way out, calling on the tools my mother had taught me when I was young and creating my own along the way.

These years inspired the work I do now. My pain through those years was so great that I couldn’t see anything beyond myself, and part of my healing was learning to connect with a world bigger than me. I became passionate about social causes, animal rights and sprouting peace movements, and I began to ask the question of whether it was possible to help the world through helping ourselves. If we want to create a greater future, one which is peaceful, happy and environmentally sustainable, what is it within us as individuals that needs to change?

I believe that each of us has a purpose in life, and that sometimes we find that purpose not just in our joy, but also in our pain. My purpose is connecting individuals with their deepest callings, and helping the change-makers of the world hold and refine their vision, grounding it in themselves as well as the outside world.

I’m a travel addict, at nearly 40 countries over 5 continents and counting. I’ve lived in London, Dublin and Amsterdam, but now base myself in my hometown of Sydney. I coach clients from anywhere in the world through Skype and spend my free time reading, yoga-ing and maybe binge watching Netflix.

I hold a Certificate IV in Life Coaching and mindfulness & meditation teacher certificate from Hart Life Coaching.

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